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Toxic Terminal - 1/64 scale

Currently out of stock.

Toxic Terminal has been designed to build a complete structure that can be arranged in many ways.

Footprint 15 x 6-1/8 x 6 inches high.  Add 2 inches for the water tower that can be placed anywhere on the roof.  The included loading dock will add 1-1/2 inch to the depth.

All details shown are included in this kit, such as loading dock, 2 clumps of 55 gallon drums, water tank, 6 vent turbines, 2 heat vents, 2 electric meters, rain drains, wooden ladders, 2 access stairs, junk detail casting and full color signs.

 To recommended glue for this kit.

Toxic Terminal, Kit #376, Price $99.

Click on images for large photos.  Use your browser back-up button to return.

Simulated rollup doors with real wood bumpers.  Load trucks from the ends or back.

Back side for loading trucks.  Two sets of access stairways included.

On our photo model, we did not bond the addition to the main building, so we could show the combinations possible with this structure.  Below are some examples.  The structure can also be unfolded to make a false front or alley structure over 30 inches long.

These two examples show the addition moved to the back side at two possible positions to form an L shaped structure.  In this combination, the footprint would be 10 wide by 11-1/2 deep.  The loading dock and stairs will each add 1-1/2 inch to the depth.

The photo below shows the addition moved to the opposite end of the main structure.

Many details are included in this kit.

This water tank is also included for the roof.

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