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See how easy it is to build a Pine Canyon kit.

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Step 7, Final Details

Sand the dirt areas to represent the beaten path, where cars and people wear a pattern.

Any cracks can be filled with a bit of scenic cement and dirt.

Add weeds and grass along the edges of the road, on top of the retaining walls or wherever you desire.

Use a straw or corrugated aluminum to represent drainage culverts.  the don't have to go all the way through.  Just give the illusion.  These culverts are just laying in front of the wall.  The weeds and vines growing over and around the culvert adds to the illusion that they go under the road.  Add a bit of rust for a final touch.

Add old tires, bits of paper or any scenic trash you desire, signs and power poles etc.  You can add things forever.  But we will stop here for now.

We hope that you have enjoyed visiting our Scenery Clinic.  We also hope that we have removed some of the worries about making scenery.  It is very easy and allot of fun.

Our goal is to inspire you to make your own diorama or railroad and have fun.

Happy Modeling, Keith Blanchard

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