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Step 6, Weeds and Grass

We use Woodland Scenics Ground Foam for our small shrubs, weeds and grass.  Woodland Scenics is available at your local hobby shops.

Make up a handy box of scenery materials as shown in the photo.  We have found this box to be very handy during construction and maintenance of scenery.  We found this plastic organizer box at our local Home Improvement store.  Here is a list of what we used on this diorama (all Woodland Scenics).

Course turf - Light Green, Extra Course Turf- Light Green, Turf - Yellow Grass, Course Turf - Yellow Grass, Fine Turf - Green, Fine Turf - yellow Grass, also some of our sifted dirt in both fine and course. We even have some sawdust that can be used to represent dead dry weeds.  The only place we use the traditional Lichen is to represent tumble-weeds.  Use Lichen very sparingly and only in very small pieces.

You can make another box that can have many other textures such as rocks, sticks and twigs etc.

Think about the time of year that you want to model.  Late Summer or Fall would have more dead grass and weeds.  We have modeled what could be Spring or early Summer.

Sprinkle light greed, fine turf along the places that will be grassy, weedy areas.  Then sprinkle some course turf in both light green and yellow grass.  Make the high areas more yellow and the lower areas more green.  Remember that water runs down and makes the dark green areas.  Have fun with this process.  You can always add more textures if things don't work out.

Dilute Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement (about 50-50) or Artist's mat Medium with water and a few drops of dish detergent.  The detergent will make the solution flow thinner into the texture.  Spray a mist over the entire grassy area.  It might bead up at first, but give it a few minutes and it will soak in and spread around as the texture soaks up the solution.  Do not over-wet or it will run and might dry with a slight shine.  You can use an eye dropper to apply solution to cement turf in tight or small spots.

Place course turf over any cracks in retaining walls and along the bottom.  Place turf in as natural of arrangement as possible.  This lower area will represent a wet area.

Step 7, Final Details

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