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Step 5, Painting and Detailing the Road

In the 50's there were no painted stripes along the sides of the road.  Very few highways had shoulders, let alone paved ones.

The original Route 66 highway was paved in concrete 18 feet wide.  However, to save time, we will use black-top or asphalt to represent a later date and road off the beaten path.  Paint a nice coat of flat-wall latex house paint over the entire paved road.  Our eye sees the pavement as a medium gray color.   We used light gray with a very small bit of black added until we had the right tint.

Using a flexible straight edge, paint the white line down the center.  I have now patience to make the line perfect, but you can measure as you wish.  We applied light gray Floquil paint with a small brush for the white line.

Apply shades of gray pastel dust with a 1 inch brush over the highway, to make dark and light areas.  The areas where tires meet the road will be darker than the center and outward edges.

Apply dark gray with a small brush to represent cracks and patched areas.  Use your imagination and have fun.  You can add more pastel dust if you wish.  Refer to the first page of this clinic for ideas.

Step 6, Weeds and Grass

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