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See how easy it is to build a Pine Canyon kit.

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Step 4, Applying Earth Textures

Locate a nice sandy area in your garden or flowerbed.  Sift some dry dirt into a container.  This will be the course earth texturing.

Using a piece of shear curtain material, sift some of the sifted course dirt into a much finer texture.  Store in a separate container.  We now have two textures to work with at no cost.

Purchase a cheap gallon of flat-wall latex house paint in a tan color.  Spray the entire plaster area to receive earth with water so it does not soak up the paint too fast.  We are also working under a tree so the paint will not dry too fast.

Brush on a wet coat of flat-wall latex house paint.  This will be the glue for the dirt.

Quickly spread the course dirt onto the wet paint.  Spread this course dirt onto the areas such as hills and ditches.

Spread the fine dirt onto areas which will represent the beaten path.  Such as parking lots, drives and foot paths.  Do Not apply dirt to areas to be paved.

Shake (sift) fine dirt onto the large parking areas and under structures.

Here is our diorama with the bare earth in the drying process.  The dark areas will lighten once the paint under it has dried.

Step 5, Painting and detailing the road.

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