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See how easy it is to build a Pine Canyon kit.

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Step 3, Staining the Retaining Walls and Creating the Road

Spray the retaining walls with a good coat of water to prevent the plaster from soaking up too much paint.

Spray or brush on a coat of diluted, light gray flat-wall house paint.

Randomly dab rust color or whatever desired on stones to make the wall more interesting.  Pastels work great, but you can use any form of diluted paint desired.

Spray on a wet coat of diluted black ink and alcohol.

As the ink spray dries, rub the surface with your finger to expose the high spots on the stone. This will give a good contrast and add another color to the stones.  If the ink starts to smear, give it more drying time before rubbing.

The walls will lighten many shades when dry.

Creating the Paved Road

Roads are high in the center so water drains to the outside.  So we made a plastic squeegee with a curved shape.  Mix Durham's Water Putty to a pasty consistency and spread it over the road area.  Try to make it as smooth as possible.

As the putty dries, you can stray it with water and smoothen with your fingers.

Once the putty has dried, sand it even smoother.  Sand lengthwise, not across the road.

Step 4, Applying Earth Textures.

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