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See how easy it is to build a Pine Canyon kit.

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S-scale Kits, 1/64

Craftsman Quality Kits With The Beginner In Mind.

Our S-scale structure kits are produced to strict 1/64 scale.  Brick walls and details are faithfully scaled and crafted within the tradition of Pine Canyon's high quality.  Cast in high quality tooling resin, no hydrocal.  Very easy to assemble.  Full color painting and assembly instructions include many modeling tips.

Die-cast car collections, such as Hot Wheels 100%, Racing Champions, Johnny Lightening and CODE 3 fire trucks go great with our 1/64, S-scale structures.  Many collectors around the world are building dioramas such as our Route 66 scene to display their collections.

Please Note:  For ease in construction, we do not use mold release in our casting process.  So it is not necessary to wash the parts.  However, we do recommend removing any sanding dust by dusting with a 2" wide, dry paint brush.

Please click on the photos for details on each structure.

Cruising Main, Style 1

Cruising Main, Style 2


Newly Revised Gas Station

Generic Gas Station

Kathy's Greasy Spoon Cafe

Alley 1

Alley 2

Alley 4

Station 1

Station 2

Station 3

Cold Storage Facility

Concrete Storage Building

Alley 3

Copper's Donut Shop

Howard's Diner

Doug's Diner

Rigsby Freight

Toxic Terminal

Boiler House with Tile Roof

Boiler House with Steel Roof

Machine Shop with Tile Roof

Machine Shop with Steel Roof

Motor Court

Barrie's Custom Shop

The Dump

Click here to see how easy it is to build a Pine Canyon kit.

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