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Rick's Service Station built by Dick Arsenault

Built By Alex Sibbald. Alex sais the layout is still a work in progress.

Back Alley 2, Photo and model by Glenn Ritter

Barrie's Custom Shop, now welding shop, Built by Alex Sibbald

Kathy's Greasy Spoon Cafe built by Alex Sibbald. Alex added a neon sign and full cafe interior.

Kathy's Greasy Spoon, Built by Tom Troughton

Machine Shop built by Michael Eldridge.

Fire at Alley Number 2. Built by Bruce Gusler

Fire at Alley Number 2. Built by Bruce Gusler

Machine Shop built by Dick Arsenault.

Boiler House built by Dick Arsenault

Ida's Restaurant built by Dick Arsenault

Ida's is a version of Kathy's Greasy Spoon Cafe.

Rick's Service Station built by Dick Arsenault

This version of Rick's is built from our Don's Generic Gas Station.

Coppers Donuts

Built by Steve Doyle with added flags, lights and small details.

Coppers Donuts, built by Steve Doyle

Coppers Donuts, built by Steve Doyle

Drive-in Restaurant built by Alex Sibbald

Miller Engineering supplied the neon and chase sign.

Large firehouse buillt by Nick Mangarella, from 2 station 1 kits.

Nick added lights to the bay area, office and hose tower. Also, added lamp posts and scenery materials.

The walls are built on top of the floor, which allows ladder trucks to fit through the doors without lowering the bucket.

Richfield Gas Station built by Robert Boring

Built from our gas station kit #320.

Firehouse built by Nick Mangarella for his son from our Station Number 1 kit. Nick added the lighting and scenery details as on his large firehouse.

Back Alley 4 with Added Extension

Kit #354 Back Alley 4 with added extension, making it approximately 18 inches long. Built by Keith Blanchard for Steve Doyl.

Toxic Terminal

Built by Norman Hass

Gas Station #320

Built by Norman Hass

Howard's Drive-in

Built by Norman Hass. Cruise night on Norm's layout.