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Our detail parts and mini-kits are produced from high quality polyurethane tooling resin.  Some mini-kits include water-slide decals.  We are the original creator of these parts.  To insure the cleanest castings, insist on genuine Pine Canyon parts.

Our shipping calculator starts at $4, so it is most economical to order 3 or more detail parts in one lot.

Our individual parts are available direct only.  They are not packaged for dealer display.

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Tall Brick Chimney #580 Flat at the bottom, 2-1/4" tall. Price $4 
2 Short Brick Chimneys #581 Slanted at the bottom, 1" tall. Pack of 2. Price $4
2 Short Brick Chimneys #582 Flat at the bottom, 13/16" tall. Pack of 2. Price $4
2 Vents #583 Flat at the bottom. 1/2" tall, 1/2" diameter. Pack of 2. Price $4
4 Trashcans #584 These are the same trashcans used in our drive-in kits. Set of 4. Price $4
Two Fire Escapes  #8060  Tichy injection molded plastic. The ladder is HO, but the platform and railing is closer to S-scale, than HO.  Set of 2, Price $3
Photo yet to come! Short Large Tank #535A  2-3/16 Inch Diameter, by 7/8 High, Price $6
Mid Large Tank #535B  2-3/16 Inch Diameter, by 1-3/8 High, Price $8
Tall Large Tank #535C  2-3/16 Inch Diameter, by 2-1/4 High. Great for water towers.  Price $12
Legs for tanks above. #537 Set of 3 castings, Price $5
Skylights Kit #538  This kit will build two skylights with clear glass. Footprint 1-3/4 x 1-3/8 inches.   Price $5

I cut the crossbars from the windows for this photo. You can leave them in if you wish, or cut them out for different versions.

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