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Back Alley Number 1, S-scale Kit 1/64

Currently out of stock.

Our Industrial Back Alley kit is a modular system that can be arranged in many ways, for a wall totaling 29 inches long.  Made from high quality polyurethane resin with separate injection molded plastic windows.  Very rustic brick pattern with bricks in true 1/64 scale.  An 8-1/2 x 11 inch sheet of nostalgic signs and posters are included.

Made to fit between the backdrop and back track, or wherever you desire.  All structures will fit in a 3 inch space. 

Footprints for Back Alley Number 1

The first 3 panels can make 3 walls 4-1/4 inches long each, or one wall 14-1/2 inches long as shown in the photos.

The second wall is 5-1/2 inches and the third wall is 9-1/2 inches long.  Side walls are included for each main wall so you can have small alleys or streets between the buildings.  The tallest structure is 8 inches high as shown here.  This kit will build a back alley over 29 inches long when tied together as shown in this photo.

To recommended glue for this kit.

Back Alley Kit Number 1, #351  Includes all details shown.

Many special detail castings have been created for this kit, such as trashcans with trash out of control, down-spout boxes, roof vents, electric meters and more.  All details shown are included in the kit.

Click on images for large photos.  Use your browser back-up button to return.

Very rustic old brick pattern with tie-rows turned in the correct endwise direction.

The roof details such as vents, water tank and vent turbines are included in this kit.

Here are a couple more possible arrangements that can be built.

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