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Howard's Drive-in Restaurant - 1/64, S-scale

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Howard's is the latest in our Route 66 series of fine 1/64 scale structure kits.  Here is a place to display all those custom and muscle cars that have been collected and don't seem to belong on the layout.  As supplied, the scene has a capacity of 10 to 20 cars posed at the serving islands.  Scaled to fit Hot Wheels 100%, Racing Champions and most other 1/64 scale die-cast cars.

This kit features two 9-1/2 inch long by 4-1/4 inch deep, covered serving islands for your carhops.  These islands can be cut shorter to fit a tighter space if desired.  To raise the capacity up to 30 cars or more, these islands are available separately, so you can add a 3rd island for a fantastic graffiti scene.

Also featuring Art Deco styling with interior details, Howard's Carhop sign and 4 of our new trashcans.  Cast in high quality polyurethane resin with separate plastic windows and doors.

For easy placement on layouts and displays, we have made this structure very flexible.  Howard's can be the center of a large display or fit a long narrow space along a highway.  The main restaurant building has a footprint of 7-3/4 inches wide by 5 inches deep.  This structure is shaped so the serving islands can be positioned in several possible configurations.

1. Long narrow configuration: The footprint over the eves is 26-3/4 inches long by 6 inches deep, to fit a narrow space along a highway or railroad track.  This configuration has a capacity of 10 cars posed at the serving islands.  Dub City, Racing Champions, Hot Wheels 100% and Johnny Lightening cars shown for dimensional purposes only.  Cars not included.

2. Moving the structure forward, away from the back fence, so cars can be posed along the back side of the islands, will raise the capacity to 20 cars.  As shown in the above photo.

3. L-shaped Configuration:  The main structure is shaped so one of the serving islands can be positioned in front of the restaurant.  This L-shaped configuration has a footprint of 17-1/4 inches wide by 15-1/2 inches deep.  The capacity is 15+ cars.  Again, moving the structure forward will add another 5 cars as shown in the photo.

Howard's Drive-in Restaurant, Kit #641, Price $129.

Shown with Bare-Metal foil added, Not included.  Since color choices are too many, we have not included the foil in the kit.  It can be purchased in many colors from your local hobby shop.  Or automotive pin striping tape from your local Pep Boys can be used.  Instructions are included for masking and painting when not using foil or striping tape.

Cruise Night at Howard's Drive-in.  Shown here with the optional serving island available near the bottom of this page.  We have 43 vehicles in this scene.  A great place for those muscle and nostalgia cars.

Carhop door and window on both sides.

Detailed interior (figures not included).  You will have to provide the gum under the counter.

This extension kit is available to add another serving island.  The kit also includes two trashcans and six menus as shown.

Extension For Howard's Drive-in Restaurant, Kit #642, Price $29. This kit is presently out of stock.

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