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Firehouse, Station 2, Low Relief Version  1/64 scale Kit

Currently out of stock.

No space for the larger firehouse?  This is a low relief version of our Firehouse #601, for placing along a back wall.  The footprint is only 4 inches deep.  Fits perfectly on a 11-1/2 inch shelf with plenty of space for the short ladder trucks.

Perfect for those great CODE 3 Fire Trucks.  The footprint is 16-1/2 inches wide by 4 inches deep.  The height to the top of the tower is 12-1/2 inches.  The main doors can be opened and closed.  The doors are sized to clear the apparatus on most of the newer trucks.  Door clearance is 2-1/2 to 2-9/16 inches tall with the door relaxed in the open position.  All windows and people doors are separate plastic moldings with .010 thick clear styrene glazing.  No solid windows.  This low relief version does not have back walls.  Great for a shelf scene with little space.  Very easy to assemble.

Details included in this kit, vent turbines, heat vent, electric meter, bottle of grout for brickwork and full color painting and assembly instructions. 

Fire apparatus not included.  To recommended glue for this kit.

Click here for the complete structure version of this firehouse.

Click here for Station 3, a smaller version for a tight space.

Firehouse, Station 2, Low Relief Kit #602,  Price $99. Currently out of stock.

Click on images for large photos.  Use your browser back-up button to return.

We cut the vertical spokes from the windows in our model.  However you can leave the spokes in if you wish the older look.

Makes a great display for the end table.  Please forgive the flash photo.

Operating doors.

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