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Back Alley Number 3, The Cold Storage, 1:64 scale

Currently out of stock.

Back Alley number 3 is a poured-in-place concrete cold storage structure, probably near 100 years old.

Two versions of this cold storage structure are available.  The one shown on this page is a back alley false front with a footprint of 15-3/4 x 2-1/2 inches.  The included loading docks as shown will add 1-1/2 inches to the depth.  The second version is the complete structure.

For the best quality, this kit is crafted in the same high strength resin as our gas stations and drive-ins are.

Back Alley Number 3, Kit # 353.

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This photo was taken outdoors.

This kit features separate doors.

To recommended glue for this kit.

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