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Motor Court - S-scale 1:64 Modular Kits

Currently out of stock.

In the early days of the automobile, motor courts sprang up across the country.  Motor Courts were an early version of the motel.  Each bungalow included a carport to keep your automobile out of the weather.  Our Spanish Style Motor Court Master Kit includes five bungalows breezeway and office.  Also included in the master kit are propane tank, trash can and our popular 1954 Vendo soda machine.  Decals include Motel, Motor Court, door numbers, Office, Laundry, Vacancy and No Vacancy signs.  Foliage is also included for the planter boxes.  The structures can be built in many different configurations to fit your desire.  Constructed in high quality polyurethane resin and separate injection molded plastic windows and doors.

An expansion kit is also available which adds four more bungalows.  By adding several expansion kits, you can build a great motor court complex.  Even the breezeway can be arranged to create a dramatic entry, different than what is shown in these photos.  These kits will be popular with kit-bashers.

The footprint for each bungalow is 4-1/4 wide by 4-1/2 inches deep.  You can arrange the bungalows to fit your space.  The master kit includes enough parts to make 3 separate structures as shown here, with 2 bungalows each with footprints of 8-1/2 by 4-1/2 each.  Automobiles are not included.

Please click on the photos for a larger image.  Use your browser backup button to return.

Motor Court Master Kit #341, Price $129

This arrangement measures 17 wide by 13 inches.

This arrangement measures 22 wide by 13 inches.  The office can also be turned inline with the back bungalows for a very narrow shelf layout.

The office and laundry module with one bungalow.

The propane tank and soda machine are included.

Here is another way the arched entry can be arranged.

Motor Court Extension Kit #342, Price $79 

The extension kit consists of four additional bungalows and one propane tank.

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