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Don's Generic Gas Station Kit, S-scale 1/64

Currently out of stock.

We call it Generic for fun.  However the kit includes full-color signs and posters featuring alternative brand names, such as Richfield, Shell, Sinclair, Texaco, Esso, Mohawk, Phillips 66, Mobile and Gulf.

Compatible with S-scale model railroads, Johnny Lightning, Hotwheels, Code 3 and many other die-cast cars.  Everything is scaled to true 1/64 scale.  The detail parts included in this kit are set in the 1950's.  All details shown are included in the kit except figures and automobiles (not included).  For reference, Hotwheels 100% cars shown are closer to 1/64 scale than Johnny Lightning.  Johnny Lightning cars are a bit smaller and work great in the background for forced perspective or in tight places.

The garage includes detailed workbench, tire rack, vintage posters and auto-lift.  The office includes desk with adding machine, checker tile floor, tire displays and posters.  The footprint is 8-5/8" wide x 7-5/8" to the outside of the island curbing as shown in the photos x 2-3/4" high.  The footprint front-to-back without the island is 5-1/2".

To recommended glue for this kit.

Don's Generic Gas Station, Kit #323, Price $79. S-scale 1/64

All parts are cast in high quality polyurethane resin with separate injection molded plastic windows.

The Soda machine is a scale replica of a 1954 Vendo machine.  This machine can be backdated to approximately 1948 by removing half of the release lever.  The Soda machine and Gas pumps are scaled from actual prototypes.

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